05 Juni 2013

Prabowo ready to face Joko Widodo, if the Presidential Candidates

Jokowi and Prabowo
JAKARTA - Gerindra prepared for presidential candidate replacement chairman Megawati Sukarnoputri's PDIP, including if the party cadres are also advancing Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo.

"There is no problem, so whoever the candidate, we are ready to anticipate the changes that occurred in 2014," said Chairman of the DPP Gerindra, Habiburokhman when contacted in Jakarta, Wednesday (5/6).

According to Habib, Gerindra will keep advancing Prabowo presidential candidate in the 2014 election and will be ready to face the candidates of other parties, including the PDI-P. Currently, he added, are focused to get a vote on the legislative elections in 2014 and aims to acquire 20 percent of the vote.

"The important thing now is the legislative elections, because if we win in the elections, we will be free to advance our candidate," said Habib.

Prabowo and Joko Widodo often occupy the top ranking in a survey of candidate electability coveted by some version of the Non Governmental Organization (NGO). In one occasion, Prabowo said he did not worry if Jokowi candidates will advance in the market in the 2014 election.

Previously (26/5), the results of the survey Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Jakarta Governor Joko put "Jokowi" Widodo in the first rank as a leader presidential candidate (candidates) alternative.

"Basically (the result) is not about the 'phenomenon Jokowi' per se, but rather that the Indonesian people really expect alternative leaders, namely Jokowi or other alternative candidate," said researcher Philip Jurius Vermonte CSIS.

A number of candidate character's name mentioned by respondents include Jokowi 1,635 (28.6 percent), Prabowo (15.6 percent), Bakrie (7 percent), Megawati (5.4 percent) and Jusuf Kalla (3.7 percent ).

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