31 Mei 2013

The continuing infatuation with Papua | The Jakarta Post

 Nowadays many of us non-Papuan Indonesians do not hesitate to express how we “love” Papua, especially since we are disturbed by more and more international exposure of the situation in Indonesia’s easternmost province.

United Nations high commissioner of human rights Navi Pillay’s recent statement on the serious crackdown on peaceful demonstrations across Papua, the opening of a West Papua Organization office
in Oxford, the Sydney Morning Herald’s investigation into the removal and Islamic reeducation of Papuan youth and children, and the Melanesian Spearhead Group’s consideration of West Papua’s request for membership, are examples of such exposure.

However, not all Indonesians love Papua.

Torture and extrajudicial killings against Papuan civilians, Papuans being detained as political prisoners for exercising their freedom of expression, starvation in remote areas that has killed many locals, or dozens of mining workers trapped and dying at mining site of a powerful gold mining company, seem to be “normal” events in Papua, so many Indonesians do not find it necessary to show sympathy and solidarity with their fellow Papuans. Fewer Indonesians feel the need to raise their concerns and immediately push for any solution to the ongoing violence in Papua. 

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