09 Mei 2013

Democratic Labor Party (DLP) of Australia: Open Access to West Papua

Democratic Labor Party (DLP) of Australia

MEDIA RELEASE 28/08/2012

Open Access to West Papua

In light of last night’s story on ABC’s 7.30 Report, Senator John Madigan and Democratic Labor Party Federal Secretary Mark Farrell are renewing their calls for the Australian government to demand complete openness and transparency from the Indonesian Government.

“The DLP has opposed the occupation of West Papua since Indonesian troops first landed decades ago and Senator Madigan has been fighting for the recognition of the people of West Papua since being elected to the Senate,” Mark Farrell said.

“It is clear to me that what Indonesia is imposing in West Papua is not democratic rule but a totalitarian regime over a country it wrongly claims ownership.”

“The Australian government needs to stop turning a blind eye to what will one day be recognised as the genocide happening on our doorstep.”

“If Indonesia is seriously expecting us to believe it is not engaged in the oppression of the West Papuan people then they must allow human rights observers and international journalists in to the country.”

“Indonesia is not being transparent with the Australian people or the Australian government.”

“It is difficult to understand how the government of a democratic country like Australia can ignore the oppressive behaviour of a neighbouring country.”

“I want to know if Australian tax payers are financing the Indonesian oppression of the people of West Papua, and to what extent is the Australian military assisting the Indonesian government their efforts.” 

“The people of Australia deserve a clear answer.”

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