25 April 2013

World Report 2013 - Indonesia Human Rights Watch Publication In UNHCR

Report Human Rights Watc  - UNHCR, Competitive, credible, and fair local elections in Jakarta and the province of West Kalimantan in 2012 underscored the ongoing transition from decades of authoritarian rule in Indonesia. 

The government's willingness to accept numerous recommendations from United Nations member states during the UN's Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Indonesia's human rights record was another hopeful sign of a growing commitment to respecting human rights.

However, Indonesia remains beset by serious human rights problems. Violence and discrimination against religious minorities, particularly Ahmadiyah, Bahai, Christians, and Shia deepened. 

Lack of accountability for abuses by police and military forces continues to affect the lives of residents in Papua and West Papua provinces.

Topic Report

Freedom of ExpressionMilitary 
Reform and Impunity 
Freedom of Religion
Papua/West Papua
Migrant Workers 
Refugees and Asylum 
SeekersKey International Actors

More Published Here: UNHCP in http://www.refworld.org

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